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British expat in Spain faces demolition of his 17 year home – and a spell in prison – in...

AN expat is facing prison for failing to demolish his home after he fell foul of a town hall’s ‘laissez faire’ planning rules. Gurney Davey,...

‘RELIEF’: Expat couple who saw home demolished in Spain’s Andalucia finally get legal right to live in their garage

THE elderly British couple who have been living in a garage since their dream villa was demolished over so-called planning irregularities 13 years ago...

Woman jailed after refusing order to demolish ‘illegal’ home in Spain’s Andalucia

A WOMAN has been thrown into jail after failing to carry out a court order to demolish the home she has lived in for...

“A long time before life returns to normal” – Maura Hillen on COVID-19 and stepping down as President of...

FOR more than a decade she has been at the helm of Andalucia’s leading non-profit illegal homes campaign group, helping thousands of expats avoid...

‘Illegal houses’ action group expands into Murcia to help duped expats gain essential AFO status for their Spanish homes

MURCIA will soon have an action group that addresses the issue of ‘illegal homes’ in the region. Abusos Urbanísticos No Murcia (AUN-Murcia) will be arranging public...

ILLEGAL HOMES: Spain’s Socialist government tries to block amnesty through legal routes

"What is not acceptable is that people continue to bathe in water contaminated with faecal matter"

NEW law in Spain’s Andalucia allows 300,000 illegal homes AFO status, granting expats water and electricity access

The development will allow some of the many expats, who were duped into buying what they thought was a normal home, connection to water or electricity

Ex-mayor of Alcaucín on trial over illegal Axarquia homes

If found guilty, he may face four years behind bars

Junta President announces possible legislative changes affecting illegal properties in Andalucia

Susana Díaz announces plans to propose legislative change that would legalise thousands of homes

Please legalise our Spanish homes!

Illegal homeowners in the Axarquia plead Junta to be more lenient

Regularisation for illegal property in El Puerto de Santa Maria

From January 2013 the process of regularising some 5,173 illegal homes will begin

Illegal homeowners unite to fight

Illegal homeowners in Chiclana de la Frontera have launched their own political party

Wrecking ball swings into Andalucia again

100 more British homeowners face seeing homes demolished

Five more homes under demolition threat in Albox

Builder charged with crimes of illegal construction

Chiclana protest success

At least 5000 protesters marched through Chiclana to protest against legalisation charges





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