PROPERTY owners whose homes were built unlawfully in Chiclana de la Frontera have launched their own political party.

The Partido Vecinal Regionalista is hoping to secure representation in the Town Hall at the upcoming local elections in six months time.

And they have already put forward their candidate for mayor, Marisol Ayala Contreras.

On behalf of the thousands of residents affected, she is demanding basic services such as water, electricity and sewerage “for all” and “not something that is sold at exorbitant prices.”

The party objective is to “fight from within” for what they believe they are entitled to.

And aside from their more personal goals, they are campaigning to improve unemployment, health and education in the area.

They have also claimed they will carry out an audit of the local council and will establish exactly how many illegal homes exist in the municipality.

As the Junta de Andalucía has estimated that there could be as many as 15,000 illegal homes in the municipality, the party has the potential to make a big difference.

Already, the party has 200 members and is supported by 25 associations of Chiclana.

A recent report from the Environmental Prosecutor noted: “The owners of illegal constructions linked in association have become real power groups which will try and change town planning discipline in local Town Halls”.

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  1. Now is the chance for all decent people to let them know exactly what they think of their local politicians. Let us hope they get out of their chairs and vote. It is the fault of the corrupt people along with agents and abagados that have left them in this mess of 20% unemployment.

  2. Andalucia has made it much harder for expats to vote this time around. Now, why would they do that I wonder?

    I quote from the following excellent resource:


    “A decision by the voter registration office (Censo Electoral) in Madrid announced in the Official Bulletin on 7 September, 2010 will severely curtail voting registration possibilities for next year’s local elections for those European Union citizens (majority British) resident in Spain since before 2007”

    Read more about voting in Spain here: “”

    Any country who makes it harder for people to vote is a country diminished. Spain is heavily censored, highly corrupt and manipulates EU laws to suit it itself.

  3. There is an alternative to voting for one local clan-driven partido over another and that is to set up your own political party which could aim to speak for everyone. At least, it would get the local politicians interested in the ‘European’ home-owners. There is still time.
    Ciudadanos Europeos is such a party – each group is independent and the paper-work is already done.

  4. A very good article and one that carries most of the pertinent information regarding this new party that can be located in Plaza Santo Cristo in Chiclana.The only “problem” they have met with so far is the complete apathy of the British ex-Patriot Community who just do not want to listen to anything that anyone is trying to tell them especially if that something in any way sounds like good advice or common sense!

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