Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Apple store evacuated in Spain after iPhone explodes and fire fills floor with smoke

AN Apple store in Spain has been evacuated after an iPhone exploded while being repaired.  The battery exploded and started a fire in Valencia's Calle...

Avoiding the pitfalls of buying second hand

A total of 81% of Spanish residents used the second-hand market last year

Safest mobile the Blackphone is Spanish-made

The world’s most secure, impregnable telephone is commonly used by Navy Seals and spies

Charging your phone at night can make you fat!

Researchers have revealed that charging a mobile phone or tablet in your bedroom can make you gain weight

Apple recalls certain European iPhone power adapters

The company is offering a free exchange for affected products

Twitchers are all of a flutter over new bird-watching app

The app includes videos, birdsong and a series of maps and walks for spotting the best of Spain's birds

Man fabricates violent robbery in iPhone fraud scam

Frauster claims €450 insurance but caught when police trace phone back to him

Mad Dog vs. the Euro ´12 final

In Mad Dog's column, he reflects on the Euro ´12 championship

My Ode to Steve Jobs – The Creator of Genius

How many people heard the news of this great man's passing on a gadget/device that he created?

Be ‘appy with the Olive Press!

The Olive Press newspaper is now available on your iPhone/iPad

iPhoney food could soon include Spanish paella

New series of food-themed ‘iMeshi’ covers has been launched


British-Spanish study of cave paintings reveals more clues to neolithic life in Spain’s Andalucia

The 32 individual cave markings, made somewhere between 5,500 BC and 2,500 BC, were discovered a number of years ago, but using new technologies have only just begun to reveal their latest secrets