TWITCHERS have good reason to jump for joy with the launch of the first app for spotting and learning about Spanish birds.

Launched by conservationist organisation SEO/Birdlife, the app offers information on 563 species of bird that can be seen around the country.

The app includes more than 200 videos, more than 300 samples of birdsong, and a series of maps and suggested walks.

The application is designed as an aid to both amateur birdwatchers and as a specialist tool, enabling the identification of a bird from just a fleeting glimpse or a snatch of song.

Prestigious ornithologist Josep de Hoyo, said: “It’s amazing how new technologies help us find out about nature on site.

“To be at a place, see a species, listen to it sing and learn to identify it thanks to the data in this guide is something that both enthusiasts and great ornithologists will be thankful for.”

The illustrator of the guide, Juan Varela, added: “It’s something all ornithologists of my generation would have loved to have had when when we started.”

In further commitment to twitchers, the Malaga authorities have launched a separate website ‘’.

The website provides information about the species that can be seen in the province, as well as the best areas to spot specific birds.


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