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With atheism on the rise in Spain, Maya Eashwaran checks out why the masses are deserting the church

Church marriages have also declined steeply; in a 27 year-long period, the percentage of religious marriages in Spain declined from 79% to 19.8%, a huge drop of nearly 60 percent.

Bartolome ‘Bermejo’ de Cardenas – Spain’s 15th century Gothic artist who almost nobody has heard of

Bermejo’s works can be seen at the National Gallery in London until September 29 or at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao

Man in Spain fined for photoshopping his face onto Jesus Christ’s in Jaen

Daniel Serrano put his face - complete with a ring through the septum - onto that of Christ and posted it on his Instagram.

Secret note found hidden in bum of Jesus Christ statue

A HIDDEN handwritten note has been found up the bum of a 18th century statue of Jesus Christ in Northern Spain. The message dating back...

Three Kings: Where to watch parades in Andalucia on January 5

Millions of people are expected to come out and join in with the huge Cabalgatas de Reyes, which will snake their way through both bustling cities and tiny villages

Semana Santa special: Where to go and what to see around Andalucia

Easter celebrations are well underway in Andalucia

Last supper with a twist at Mosaik in Marbella

Reporter Rob Horgan played disciple at a last supper with a twist

Spanish festive traditions

Turkeys are safe in Spain over the festive season, where the locals celebrate in their own quirky way ...

Jesus may have been clean-shaven!

One of the earliest depictions of Jesus has been unearthed in Jaen, and he doesn't have a beard

Under the covers – A Spanish Easter parade

As another rain-threatened Semana Santa gets under way across Andalucia, James Bryce goes behind the scenes with one local brotherhood

Easter parade #2

Bartie admires the wealth of the Semana Santa procession

Feliz Navidad!

"I’m finding out that Christmas in Spain is about Jesus, not Santa"

Gay Jesus photos spark protest

Controversial exhibition pulled down after "injuring the sentiments and convictions" of art fans




Dumb attacker slashes man’s neck and gets arrested after reporting a finger injury to the police on Spain’s Costa...

A Torrevieja man has been jailed for attempted murder after popping into a police station to report a cut finger caused by an assault. The...


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