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Maddie McCann family online ‘bully’ found dead in the UK

Brenda Leyland, 63, was accused by a Sky News reporter of using Twitter to post a series of abusive messages attacking the McCanns

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-soldier claims he saw Madeleine McCann by a Nerja swimming pool

Police investigations are under way after the latest alleged sighting of Maddie McCann in Axarquia

Operation in search for Maddie McCann ‘planned for long time and at a high level’ says detective

Spain-based detective insists the hunt in Portugal digging up three very specific locations will run into millions

British police track Madeleine McCann suspects in Portugal

Scotland Yard detectives have arrived in Portugal hoping to arrest three men in connection with Madeleine McCann's disappearance six years ago

Suspect named as Madeleine McCann Crimewatch appeal has record response

Independent callers name same man, while police rule out Gerry McCann's involvement in his daughter's disappearance

VIDEO: Metropolitan Police release new e-fits in connection with Maddie McCann disappearance

The Crimewatch appeal will be running tonight on BBC1 at 9pm (UK time)

Scotland Yard has named 12 British suspects in Madeleine McCann case

Scotland Yard announces 'new evidence and new witnesses'

Scotland Yard to take over Madeleine McCann case

Scotland Yard will take over the controversial case from Portugese officials

Detective praises reporting of ‘Maddie’ sighting in Ibiza

Several national newspapers, including Bild in Germany, the Mirror in the UK and Diario de Noticias in Portugal follewed up an Olive Press exclusive on the latest possible sighting

British detectives investigate Madeleine McCann ‘grave’ claims

Self-styled sleuth claims to have discovered burial ground containing toddlers remains in Portuguese holiday resort where she disappeared

Maddie in Spain?

As we approach Missing Children’s Day on May 25, Wendy Williams looks at the likelihood that Madeleine McCann could be living in Spain

Spanish Maddie mystery solved

Man spotted with Maddie look-a-like on Costa del Sol campsite comes forward to reveal the ‘groggy’ girl was his daughter

Police probe whether German couple could have snatched a ‘groggy’ Madeleine McCann?

Despite reporting her suspicions to three police forces, with descriptions and car number plate, British expat insists detectives did NOT pursue claims that she saw Maddie on Costa del Sol campsite. EXCLUSIVE By Wendy Williams and Jon Clarke in Cabopino

I saw Madeleine McCann playing outside Costa del Sol beach restaurant

EXCLUSIVE: Expat saw ‘airy fairy’ girl with dark-skinned family and Portuguese people carrier last summer

Met calls for Maddie case to be reopened

Chief Inspector ‘genuinely’ believes she could be alive

Could Maddie be alive and well in Nerja?

Police investigate after Portuguese police request

Portuguese launch new Maddy probe

Police will review all the evidence in Madeleine McCann case

I saw Maddie in a supermarket on the Costa del Sol

EXCLUSIVE: The former M&S worker called police after seeing the snatched toddler with 'gypsy' in Spanish supermarket Mercadona

Eight new leads in the search for Maddie

Eight ‘very important’ new leads have been handed to Scotland Yard by Spanish police

Gypsy link to Maddie

British detectives to investigate gypsy link to Madeleine McCann disappearance

Madeleine McCann: Detectives probe Spain link

Officers fly to Barcelona to investigate claims youngster was smuggled over border by paedophile gang

McCanns condemned by seeing a priest

New revelations as British Prime Minister David Cameron orders the reopening of files relating to the McCann case

Was Maddie sold in Spain?

Could missing girl have been acquired by Victoria Beckham lookalike in Barcelona?





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