Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Death tax cut

Finance expert Richard Alexander looks at moves to cut death benefit tax

Without a padel…

Mark Rickard and HiFX host padel tournament in Coin

Bank chairmen ordered to pay millions of euros following ‘magic’ card expenses scandal

Former chairman of Caja Madrid and Bankia ordered to pay €19 million by today or face their assets being seized in the wake of Spain's expenses scandal

Pujol family hid ‘multi-million euro’ fortune overseas, say police

The former Catalan president claims the money was his late father's inheritance and not the product of corruption

Europe’s super-rich may be even wealthier than official figures suggest

Economists blame tax havens and the inability to gain better access

ECB cuts rates causing euro to weaken dramatically

The changes are aimed at forcing banks to lend

Time running out for government car buying subsidies

There is only enough money left to last until October, according to motor association president

Summer days drifting away

Finance expert Mark Rickard of HiFX on the thorn in the Bank of England's side

‘Sell in May and go away’

Columnist Richard Alexander asks if we're looking for a dip in the economy come the summer, and if so where you should put your money

New victim of Estepona’s corrupt accountant comes forward

Ex-councillor set up accountancy firm despite town hall money-laundering arrest

Exchange rate alert – interest rates set to rise

Mark Carney has warned an interest rate rise could happen sooner than the market currently expects

Spain’s players to receive biggest bonuses for potential World Cup win

A politician has slammed the whopping €720,000 Spain’s players will each receive if they win the World Cup

Spanish diners skipping pudding

It's not calories on their mind though, but saving cash...

Business seminar to be held in Mijas

The British Chamber of Commerce is set to talk tax laws, money laundering and data protection next week

Spain’s multi-million euro mission to Mars

Spain set to spend €66.6 million on red planet trip

British expat scammed out of €1,500 in Spain

Fraudsters trick pensioner into sending cash to a friend in ‘urgent need’

British expat in Nerja has bank account frozen for two months without warning

The expat, Glenn Cruickshank, was unable to access the funds in his Unicaja account for seven weeks - and he was never told why

Euro economy grows

Europe Central Bank sees a one per cent growth in the second quarter

Spain’s unemployment level hits a new high

With 4.65 million unemployed Spain has double the unemployment of the rest of the Eurozone

Take a bung, m’lud?

As judge is jailed for bribery, half of Spain believes money buys freedom

Andalucia’s doctors: lowest-paid in Spain

Southern Spain's doctors earn dramatically less than their fellow Spanish medical professionals

All Latin and Greek

A brief history of money




New COVID-19 record but hospital admissions are much lower than 2021 numbers in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of...

A new pandemic record daily total of 39,585 cases was reported this Tuesday in the Valencian Community. Exactly a year ago, the total was 8,423. The...


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