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The different kinds of Roscon de Reyes you’ll find in Spain on Three Kings Day

THE Christmas period comes to an end on January 6 in Spain, when the last gifts are given to the children by the Magi,...

How government scrooges in 1882 accidentally created Spain’s obsession with gobbling 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve

THE minute hand on Madrid's Puerta de Sol clock tower nears midnight. Millions of Spaniards already have a grape in their mouth. Millions of others...

‘Groundhog Day’: Christmas and New Year message from the British Ambassador in Spain

“AS we come to the end of 2021, I confess it feels more than a bit like Groundhog Day,” admits British Ambassador Hugh Elliott...

Maximise your luck for 2022 by following these New Year traditions from Spain

WE'RE all hoping that 2022 will bring a new start and good fortune but to make sure the New Year gets off in the...

WATCH: The flour and the glory – massive food fight on Spain’s Costa Blanca takes the COVID worries away

IT was an opportunity to let off steam after the stress and depredations of the COVID pandemic - and the townsfolk of Ibi in...

EXPLAINED: Could Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca really be the original home of Santa Claus?

ALICANTE is an unlikely candidate for the original home of Santa Claus – for starters, it hasn't snowed in the city since 1926. There are...

Covid cancelled Christmas: One reader’s experience of a rather different celebration in Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands

Faced with spending Christmas alone in a cold flat in Madrid after Covid scuppered a return to see family in Scotland, Sarah Crozier made the last minute decision to book a trip to Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands.

All Fools’ Day: How Spain marks Dia de los Santos Inocentes

DECEMBER 28, Spain marks the Dia de los Santos Inocentes (Holy Innocents’ Day) which is somewhat similar to April Fools’ Day. It’s the day to...

Feliz Navidad: The best cocktail recipes to boost the Christmas spirit!

THE one sure-fire way to bag a kiss under the mistletoe this winter is to combine a little Christmas spirit with a lot of...

Snails and thistles: These are the weird and wonderful regional Christmas dishes eaten across Spain

CHRISTMAS would not look a lot like Christmas without traditional dishes and desserts. In countries like the United Kingdom, Christmas without roast potatoes and gravy...

NAVIDAD: Nineteen things you (probably) never knew about celebrating Christmas in Spain

Author Teresa O'Shea takes a look at some of the more surprising traditions celebrated in Spain at Christmas.

Will you dare to swim in the freezing sea this Boxing Day in Spain’s Costa del Sol?

BRAVE Brits can take a plunge this Boxing Day with the annual Saint George Charity swim. To raise much-needed funds, the charity are organising...

Top traditional Christmas treats you’ll find in Spain’s Andalucia

Indulge yourself this Christmas with our guide to Spain's Navidad nibbles

WARNING: Why doing this one thing during the traditional Christmas Eve feast in Spain could be a danger to...

THE traditional Christmas feast in Spain takes place on Christmas Eve and is likely to involve an inordinate amount of seafood – and you'll...

MUST READ: How to avoid hangovers as a British expat in Spain this Christmas

AS Christmas approaches, there’s a tacit understanding that we will all throw caution to the wind and have a glass or two more than...

Festive fun in Spain? Yule be lucky!

SO where will you be unwrapping your socks and chocs this Yuletide? Will yours be a ‘Feliz Navidad’ or do you still think the...

Top traditional Spanish culinary delights to enjoy this Christmas

AS with most countries across the world, Spain's Christmas and Three Kings celebrations centre around three core ingredients, family, laughter and food. Traditionally in Spain,...

Spanish festive traditions: Do you know your Nochebuena from your Nochevieja?

Christmas is a little bit different in Spain.

From red knickers to food fights: The unusual traditions you should look out over the festive season in Spain

Spending Christmas in Spain? These are the things to look out for, writes Olive Press’ Spanish hack Pablo Balbontin

¡Feliz Navidad! These are the strangest Christmas traditions celebrated in Spain

CHRISTMAS traditions in Spain are in essence no different from any other nation – people hold on to strange customs, eat and drink a...

“The wife and I are going on holiday”: Retiring lottery vendor whose Madrid railway kiosk gifted €516 million across...

WHEN Spain’s high-speed rail service first connected Madrid Atocha train station to rest of the nation, lottery vendor Javier Garcia saw an opportunity for...

Be inspired to make your own natural Christmas decorations with a walk in the Spanish countryside

Having trouble with your Christmas decorations? Just take a look in the nearby hills, writes Gabriella Chidgey

12 great books about Spain to put on your Christmas wish list

12 books about Spain for your holiday reading list, with Shannon Chaffers

‘El Gordo’: Why does all of Spain go crazy for the Christmas lottery?

Christmas properly starts on December 22 in Spain when everyone is glued to the results of El Gordo in the hope that they have a winning ticket.

Expert tips on how to choose great festive wines from Spain to try this Christmas

Ben & Matthew from Simply Spanish Wine offer their tips on great festive wines to try this Christmas.

Magical markets to visit in Spain this Christmas

CHRISTMAS markets in Spain might not boast the snow of more northern climes, but the crafts and delicacies will still sprinkle your December with...





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