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The different kinds of Roscon de Reyes you’ll find in Spain on Three Kings Day


THE Christmas period comes to an end on January 6 in Spain, when the last gifts are given to the children by the Magi, and the last sweets of the season are savoured before starting the January diet. 

For many, the Roscon de Reyes is perhaps the most cherished seasonal treat, as it is the oldest and most traditional, but most delicious.

The basic cake is a sweet brioche ring decorated with crystallised fruit pieces to symbolise a crown.

In times past, families typically choose the more classic style, although slowly but surely bakeries are becoming more adventurous and are making different versions that are fast becoming favorites.

The oldest and most classic version is the traditional roscon without a filling.

This roscon is a simple sponge cake with the characteristic candied fruit and grated almonds on decorating the surface.

Roscon Simple
Classic roscon withought filling (Image: flickr)

Another classic is the same cake but with a generous layer of whipped cream in the middle.

Roscon Con Crema
Whipped cream filled roscon (Image: flickr)

A newer version is a roscon filled with custard.

Some families order a mix of these two versions with one half of the ring filled with whipped cream and the other half with custard.

‘Roscon Mixto’ with custard and whipped cream (Image: flickr)

A twist on the classic is a roscon which instead of being made with the sweet sponge is instead comprised of puff pastry and filled with meringue.

Roscon made with puff pastry (Image: flickr)

A popular version for children is the chocolate filled roscon.

De Chocolate
Chocolate filled roscon (Image: flickr)

In this version, the candied fruit and grated almonds can be replaced with chocolate flakes, which makes it more appealing to children.

Chocoholics may also enjoy a roscon made from chocolate sponge.

Chocolate dough roscon (Image: flickr)

And those with food allergies have no need to miss out on the festive fare. In the last few years it has been more common to find bakeries offering gluten-free and lactose-free versions, although these are difficult to find in supermarkets.

And for those who don’t want to over indulge, mini versions of the roscon are now available.

Individual pieces (Image: flickr)

Also look out for those roscones designed by celebrated chefs. 

This year Dabiz Muñoz, who has a three Michilin starred restaurant DiverXo and was voted the world’s best chef in 2021, has produced a version for Corte Ingles.


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