Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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PSOE prime minister candidate wants to scrap religious education from Spain’s schools

If Pedro Sanchez is named prime minister he has vowed to pull religion courses form both public and private schools

Spain’s socialist leader apologises for ‘accidentally’ voting in favour of abortion reform

The leader of the opposition claimed he pressed the wrong button

Pablo Iglesias: It’s Podemos v. the PP

PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez came under fire at an anniversary celebration in Sevilla

Cadiz PP head slams Junta de Andalucia boss Susana Diaz

Antonio Sanz (PP) has gone after Susana Diaz saying she has no interest in Andalucia

Rajoy: “Recovery is steady and ever-increasing”

Rajoy’s quest to bring “certainty” to the people starts with election dates

PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez promises recovery

'El Guapo' delivers ambitious inaugural speech

‘El Guapo’ – the new face of Spain’s Socialists

Pedro Sanchez - 'the handsome one' - received nearly 50% of the vote

Bomb blast victim could become new Socialist leader today

Current leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba will make a return to teaching

Upcoming debate between PSOE secretary general candidates

Politicians from Spain's ruling socialist party will discuss their plans for the future