Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Petrol prices at their highest this year after August’s latest hikes 

PETROL prices are at their highest in 2023 after the latest increases this early August.  The new hikes come as millions of Spaniards and tourists...

Motorists in Malaga now have to stump up extra €13 to fill their cars after Spain’s fuel subsidy ends

Filling up your car has become €13 more expensive in Malaga following the end of the Spanish government's subsidy of 20 cents per litre...

Motorists in Spain rush to filling stations as government’s fuel discount comes to an end

PEOPLE from all over Spain reported on Saturday long queues at petrol stations as motorists sought to take advantage of the last days of...

Repsol, BP and Cepsa under the spotlight of Spain’s antitrust watchdog 

SPAIN’S antitrust watchdog the CNMC is investigating oil companies Repsol, BP and Cepsa for possible anti-competitive practices in the energy industry.  Repsol, a multinational oil...

EXPLAINER: Why Spain’s 20 cents per litre fuel discount is nearing the end of the road

SPAIN'S 20 cents per litre fuel bonus- introduced in April- is likely to be scrapped on December 31. The measure was brought in to counter...

Inflation rate in Spain hits 10.8%- highest figure since December 1984

INFLATION in Spain rose to 10.8% in July, which is the highest rate since December 1984. Figures released by the National Statistics Institute on Friday...

Pedro Sanchez announces new electricity bill tax cuts in Spain

TAX on electricity bills will be cut in Spain this weekend- the second time in less than a year. Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, announced in...

Petrol station pump prices in Spain could soar to three euros per litre this summer

PETROL pump prices in Spain might hit €3 per litre this summer according to a service station employers group. Nacho Rabadan, president of CEEES, said:...

LIQUID GOLD: Fuel prices go through the roof in Spain’s Castellon

Even worse, experts warn that the upwards trend in prices has only just begun

Malaga diesel prices plunge to five-year low

A Ronda service station is selling diesel for under one euro per litre

British diesel is Europe’s priciest

But petrol is pricier than diesel in some British petrol stations




Spain sees convictions for homophobic hate crimes spike in 2022

CONVICTIONS in Spain for homophobic hate crimes rose 25% in 2022 compared to the year before. That’s according to a yearly report from the...


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