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Former treasurer to sue PP for ‘unfair dismissal’

Luis Barcenas has filed a lawsuit against his former party claiming he was only sacked when the 'slush-fund' ledgers were published

Rajoy battles to save position amid corruption scandal

77% of people now believe the Spanish Prime Minister is no longer fit to lead the country

Rajoy rejects calls for resignation

The Spanish Prime Minister has dismissed resignation amid corruption claims

Spanish public debt hits record high

The figures paint a bleak picture as Spain ponders over whether to request European bailout

First transparency law to get go-ahead in Spain

The cabinet aims to make public spending visible to the public

Meltdown in Spain

The economy is on the brink of collapse, threatening to take the euro down with it

Brand new cuts to target foreigners in Spain

Ten billion euros more is to be slashed from health and education, the PP has announced

A swing to the right in Andalucia?

While most expats are ineligible to vote, Wendy Andersen looks at why tomorrow's regional elections are so important and wonders whether Andalucia is about to vote Conservative for the first time since the Junta was formed 30 years ago

General strike ‘will not work’

A union-backed general strike has been called for March 29

Students take to streets as education cuts begin to bite

Hundreds of thousands of teachers and students have protested around Spain

PSOE airport plan grounded

Zapatero had planned to privatise Barajas and El Prat, but PP have decided against it

Government tightens grip on Spain

Regions are to be forced to submit their spending plans to Madrid, as Rajoy clamps down on mass overspending

Still no smoking in Spain

Health Ministry announces it will not be making any changes to the laws brought in last January

Rajoy announces €8.9 billion of cuts and tax increases

Rajoy announces his first set of measures to address a predicted eight per cent budget deficit for 2011

A spring clean for the housing market?

Lesley McEwan, of Cadiz Casa, explains how, while Spain’s new leader is unlikely to achieve much, new mortgage products might help... but be prepared to haggle!

New Spanish PM Rajoy on the ropes

Finally whispers of a return to the peseta and IMF bailouts if Rajoy doesn't get a move on to allay jittery markets

Rajoy and Rubalcaba head-to-head

The candidates for Prime Minister battled it out during live TV debates last night





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