11 Jan, 2012 @ 12:42
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Still no smoking in Spain

BAR owners who had hoped the new government would make changes to anti-smoking legislation have been left in the cold.

The Health Ministry has announced it will not be making any changes to the laws brought in last January.

It comes after Prime Minister Rajoy hinted during his election campaign that he might introduce separate areas for smokers and non-smokers in bars and restaurants.

“I think that, as with everything in life, extreme solutions are not good,” Rajoy told Antena 3. “I know that most people oppose this law that prohibits smoking everywhere.”

But any hint that the conservative party would once again allow smoking has now been stubbed out.

It comes after the National Committee for the Prevention of Smoking (CNPT) insisted the law had been a ‘success’ with an estimated 600,000 people kicking the habit since the law came into effect.

Wendy Williams

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  1. I can hear the wheezing outcry now ……

    but he promised buhuhu cough-cough air wheezwheez cough-cough

    Too bad Santamaria doesn’t allow her toyboy Mariano to smoke …..


  2. Wonder how many votes were gained by Rajoy with that little semi-fib? Anyway, how does he know that “most people oppose the law?” Has he asked them? The noisy protests come from the nicotine junkies, he can’t hear the quiet round of applause from the beneficiaries of the ban.

  3. I thought that a government were meant to represent the views of the electorate.
    Spain must be back to a dictatorship if most people wanted the spiteful smoking ban to be amended to allow some dignity and shelter for smokers.

  4. @ B Good
    I’m sure your place in heaven has been reserved, I wonder if you will be so happy when other taxes start to rise significantly to replace the lost revenue. All our property taxes will be rising this year and I’m sure that will be the first of many once you have stubbed out all the smokers.

  5. This is really boring – there are much better topics to be aired on this site.

    If only you junkies would admit that’s what you are and then go and get some nicotine patches and shut up.

    Look at AA and all those alcohol junkies who know the first step in dealing with their addiction is to admit it – not one of you trolls have the simple courage to do that.

  6. A good meal without stink

    A drink in a public bar without having to wash my pretty hair and having to hang my clothes out to air before retiring

    People (smoker included) with common sense

    Healthy kids and non wheezing phlegm spitting smelly adults

    and most importantly Peace on Earth

    Go trash em Peter

    Yours truly

    Miss B. Have

  7. Isn’t the no smoking law actually EU legislation about health and safety in the workplace? I am not sure if a member country could repeal or not implement the law if it wanted to. But I freely admit, I am not sure.

  8. All you moaning smokers! just selfish, think of other people and children for once. Spain has got a mild climate go outside and smoke yourself silly.

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