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Experts advising Spain’s Health Ministry are finally ready to scrap face masks on public transport 

THE GROUP of experts advising the Spanish Health Ministry has agreed that the time has finally come for face coverings to no longer be...

Teenagers in Valencia region start drinking alcohol and smoking earlier than in other parts of Spain

THE youngest alcohol drinkers and tobacco smokers in Spain are in the Valencian Community according to a Health Ministry study. No reason has been given...

Spanish travel sector slams government for maintaining mask requirement on flights

REPRESENTATIVES from Spain’s travel industry have railed against the government for keeping in place the obligatory use of masks on public transport, including on...

Spain’s Health Ministry estimates three times more heat-related deaths this summer than last

The Carlos III Institute has estimated that so far this year there have been 30,861 excess deaths in Spain, of which 3,833 are attributable...

Sad milestone as Covid-19 deaths hit 10,000 mark in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

30 MONTHS on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the unwanted landmark of 10,000 coronavirus deaths has been reached in the Valencian Community. Figures...

Legal probe into Spain grossly overpaying for Chinese PPE gowns during Covid-19 pandemic

THE European Public Prosecutor's Office will investigate whether Spain's Health Ministry grossly overpaid for Chinese disposable PPE gowns during the early stages of the...

Spain passes 6,000 mark in confirmed monkeypox cases

SPAIN has surpassed 6,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox according to Ministry of Health figures. Up to last Friday, 6,119 infections were recorded- two-thirds of them...

Spain wants to ‘dose-spare’ monkeypox vaccine as supplies are scarce

SPAIN is planning to hand out smaller doses of the monkeypox vaccine as there are not enough supplies to go round. Over 5,000 monkeypox cases...

New national suicide helpline in Spain saves 585 lives in four months by sending emergency response teams

THE 024 national helpline to prevent suicides in Spain has saved 585 lives through direct interventions since opening in early May. Emergency teams went to...

Spain reports first child deaths caused by acute hepatitis in Andalucia and Murcia regions

TWO children have died of acute hepatitis in the Andalucia and Murcia regions of Spain. They are the first deaths of youngsters in the country...

Spain reports 800 registered monkeypox cases- with over half in Madrid area

SPAIN'S Health Ministry says 800 cases of monkeypox have been registered in the country, with over half coming in the Madrid region. The figures have...

Spain launches nationwide suicide prevention hotline as mental health worries surge

SPAIN’S Health Ministry has launched a nationwide suicide prevention line offering free, anonymous and confidential help to those in the depths of despair. The dedicated...

Over 50% of people in Spain have been jabbed with a Covid-19 booster shot

OVER half of Spain's eligible population has now received a Covid-19 vaccine booster. Health Ministry figures on Friday show that 24.5 million third shots have...

Night closures to end but COVID-19 passport continues in Murcia area of Spain

NIGHTLIFE businesses will be able to stay open after 1.00 am in the Murcia region from later this week. The change will take place once...

Spain orders fully-vaccinated people to quarantine if they have contact with confirmed or even suspected Omicron COVID-19 cases

FEARS about the spread of the newly-discovered Omicron COVID-19 variant has led Spanish health chiefs to toughen-up self-isolation rules for fully-vaccinated people. The Ministry of...

Inspectors find high number of bars and clubs breaking COVID health rules in Murcia area of Spain

SURPRISE visits to Murcia hospitality businesses last weekend discovered that 85% of them were breaking COVID health guidelines. The region's Health Ministry is using a...

COVID-19 boosters and flu vaccine shots ‘doubling up’ in parts of Spain

BOOSTER coronavirus vaccine shots can officially be administered to people aged 70 and over from this Monday(October 25). The date was agreed by the Public...

Spain health study shows Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine mix gives better COVID protection than two AstraZeneca doses

SPAIN'S Health Ministry is set to allow Pfizer vaccinations for around two million 'essential' workers like police, teachers, and fire-fighters who have got just...

FACE MASKS: What you need to know about Spain’s new proposals for beach, pools and waterparks

NEW proposals over wearing masks on beaches are being discussed today (April 7) between the Health Ministry and Spain's 17 regions. A mandate was announced...

Spain’s leader of health emergencies Fernando Simon pictured surfing in Portugal days after advising against travel between provinces

Fernando Simon caught surfing in Portugal amid a surge of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Man left to die at Madrid airport amid Ebola fear

A Nigerian man was left trembling on the floor at Madrid-Barajas airport for over an hour as airport staff feared he had Ebola

UPDATE: Doctors at Madrid hospital ‘hopeful’ about Spanish Ebola case

As Spanish Ebola victim's condition remains stable medical staff dare to hope

Mercadona recalls cosmetic products linked to cancer

But Health Ministry insists the products do not pose a risk

Still no smoking in Spain

Health Ministry announces it will not be making any changes to the laws brought in last January

Spanish summer beach ban U-turn

Shutting two beaches was a huge ‘error’ according to mayor





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