SPAIN’S Health Ministry says 800 cases of monkeypox have been registered in the country, with over half coming in the Madrid region.

The figures have been compiled by the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network(Renave).

Out of the 800 people infected, 792 are men.

The age range is between 3 and 67 years.

Only 24 people were hospitalised with no monkeypox-related deaths.

The actual number of monkeypox cases is higher due to a time lag in Spain’s regions reporting statistics to Renave.

For example, 436 cases have been registered in the Madrid area on the Renave database, with the regional government having another 300-plus case details to pass on.

Renave report two other regions with cases hitting triple digits- namely Catalunya(130) and Andalucia(105).

Research covering 273 cases as to what caused people to get monkeypox showed that 93.4% of infections came from ‘high-risk’ sexual intercourse.


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