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Spain wants to ‘dose-spare’ monkeypox vaccine as supplies are scarce

SPAIN is planning to hand out smaller doses of the monkeypox vaccine as there are not enough supplies to go round. Over 5,000 monkeypox cases...

Spain confirms second monkeypox-related death

SPAIN’S health authorities have reported the second death related to monkeypox within two days. Both fatalities were young men, confirmed the Health Ministry in Madrid...

Spain reports 800 registered monkeypox cases- with over half in Madrid area

SPAIN'S Health Ministry says 800 cases of monkeypox have been registered in the country, with over half coming in the Madrid region. The figures have...

Spain approves monkeypox vaccines plus Covid-19 booster shots for elderly and vulnerable people

SPAIN'S Ministry of Health has approved a vaccination against monkeypox to be used in a very small number of cases where people have had...

Monkeypox cases in Spain rise to 120

THE number of monkeypox cases in Spain rose over the weekend by 22 confirmed cases to 120, the Spanish health ministry said on Monday. Spain...

LATEST: How Spain is tackling the monkeypox outbreak

SPAIN has so far confirmed 59 cases of monkeypox with dozens of other suspected cases under investigation. The rise of eight cases on the day...

Monkeypox Q&A: how do you catch it and what are the risks? An expert explains

How deadly is monkeypox? Why is it called monkeypox? Is it related to chickenpox? All your questions answered.

First monkeypox case detected in Spain’s Valencia region

THE first case of monkeypox has been identified in the Valencian Community. Regional health chiefs said on Monday that it was a case in Castellon...

Spain’s monkeypox cases linked to outbreak in gay sauna

HEALTH authorities in Spain believe a gay sauna in the capital is the source of the outbreak of rare monkeypox virus which has so...

Monkeypox reaches Spain’s Costa del Sol with case in Marbella

SPAIN'S Costa del Sol has confirmed its first suspected case of monkeypox infection. The infected individual, a foreign national, is currently at home in isolation...

Monkeypox: Eight suspected cases detected in Madrid sparks nationwide health alert in Spain

HEALTH officials in Spain are investigating eight cases of what is believed to be monkeypox – a rare viral infection related to smallpox –...





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