NEW proposals over wearing masks on beaches are being discussed today (April 7) between the Health Ministry and Spain’s 17 regions.

A mandate was announced last week for masks to be worn at all times by beach-goers caused an uproar from regional health ministers who were given no notice about the change.

Last week’s meeting of the Inter-territorial council, which is a weekly forum between the national Health Ministry and their regional counterparts, decided to formulate a new policy ahead of their next gathering.

The move was criticised in tourist regions as another blow to the holiday sector that has suffered badly during the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest idea from the Health Ministry is that masks should only be worn on beaches when walking or in cases when a minimal safety distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained.

Exclusions include people going for a swim; playing sports; or staying in a fixed place.

The proposed changes would also apply to indoor and outdoor swimming pools and aquatic parks.

Mask exemptions will also be discussed for people involved in what has been described as ‘intensive outdoor physical activities’.


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