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Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy insists ‘Spain is not corrupt’ following resignation of health minister

Rajoy presented two draft laws to tackle corruption before next year's elections

Rajoy heads to Beijing as Spain and China begin €3 billion business deals

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy heads to China to woo investors in deals worth €3 billion

Catalan independence referendum gains momentum

The prospect of a Catalan referendum gains momentum, despite resistance from PM Rajoy and a failed attempt to break away from the UK by the Scottish National Party

Merkel backs Spain’s opposition to independent Catalunya

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shows her support for Spain's opposition to Catalan independence

Spain would not welcome an independent Scotland into the EU, insists Rajoy

But the prime minister's comments are thinly-veiled messages to Catalunya

Socialist culture secretary hits out at new taxes

Iban Garcia del Blanco says Rajoy's new measures are 'ineffective' and ignorant

Gibraltar’s reef is legal

The artificial reef is environmentally sound

Lower taxes for all as Spain defies the EU to ease austerity measures

By Imogen Calderwood, Spanish government hopes the tax cuts will jump start the economy

Juan Carlos officially abdicates one day before son’s coronation

After Senate approves the abdication law, Juan Carlos will hand over the throne to his son

PM Rajoy announces new billions boost for Spain’s businesses

The €6.3 billion investment are hoped to create jobs and revive the economy

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy says no to free English lessons

The prime minister stands his ground in his refusal to learn english

Spain’s economy to grow by 1.2% this year, predicts central bank

The bank has forecast some economic recovery, but not enough to relieve unemployment rates

Spain’s GDP growth falls below expectations

New figures show growth, but below expectations

Rajoy to push Obama on Spanish investment

Obama praises Rajoy for recession-busting tactics

Spanish police search People’s Party HQ

Conclusion of raid not yet known

Rajoy: Wage slashes have saved jobs

Rajoy vows not to scrap minimum wage

Green shoots of recovery sprout in Spain but crisis remains

Growth expected for Q3, but unemployment to remain high for a number of years

President Rajoy still denying any charges

The PP leader said he had 'nothing to add' to his previous comments

Rajoy won’t back down

The Spanish Prime Minister resists pressure from opposition and continues to deny involvement with the Barcenas scandal

Spain’s unemployment numbers decrease in July

The newly published data is a bright spot for Spain

Rajoy claims innocence

The Spanish Prime Minister says his "only mistake" was trusting the disgraced former PP treasurer

Prime Minister refuses to comment on corruption allegations

The PP refuses to comment on Barcenas files even as new evidence comes through

Leftist parties protest transparency law meeting to pressure Rajoy

The crucial meeting has been postponed until the PM comments on accusations of massive corruption

Spanish theatre owner sells carrots instead of tickets to beat tax

As the 'culture tax' hits the arts sector, theatres are coming up with ingenious ways to reduce ticket costs

Budget bid for Spanish Olympic games

Spain hopes thrifty approach will lead to Olympics success for year 2020

Barcenas accuses PP lawyer of Watergate style break-in

The former treasurer embroiled in the national slush-fund scandal claims computers and documents were taken from his office





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