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BYE BYE BANKIA: Merger with CaixaBank effective as of today

Spokespeople for CaixaBank insist that the absorption will not cause any problems for former Bankia customers.

‘TAXING TIMES’ for ex-IMF boss and Spanish bank chairman Rodrigo Rato who faces 70 years in prison

A former head of the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and chairman of Spain's Bankia, Rodrigo Rato, could be jailed for 70 years if he is...

Spanish ex-IMF boss Rodrigo Rato given four and a half years over credit card scandal

Rato headed the International Monetary Fund from 2004 to 2007

Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato denies any wrongdoing at start of bank card trial in Spain

Prosecutors claim around €12 million was splashed on hotels, designer clothes, entertainment and travel

Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato outed in Panama Papers

Allegations have emerged that the ex-Bankia boss employed a Gibraltarian company Finsbury Trust and Corporate Services which instructed Mossack Fonseca to close two offshore companies for him

State-owned Spanish bank Bankia to repay investors €1.8 billion

The state-owned bank are giving the investors three months to claim back their original investment plus 1% interest

Spanish Supreme Court orders Bankia to pay out after ‘serious inaccuracies’

Two plaintiffs win case that could affect thousands of preferred share investors

Prosecutors demand Rodrigo Rato serve four and a half years in prison

Former Bankia heads Rato and Miguel Blesa told they should repay millions in damages

Ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato’s Rock secret

Disgraced Spanish politician has 26 secret links to Gibraltar businesses

PSOE denounces Interior Minister over Rodrigo Rato meeting

Rodrigo Rato is currently under investigation for money laundering

Disgraced ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato accused of money laundering

The tax authorities insist Rodrigo Rato, an ex-government minister, used a number of companies to move money around

Tax office investigate ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato’s companies in Sotogrande and the UK

Rato is suspected of trying to lift embargoes on goods through a complex corporate network of companies

Former Bankia and IMF boss Rodrigo Rato arrested for money laundering

Rato was escorted from his Madrid home by officers from Spain's tax authorities on Thursday

Spain’s Bankia told to cough up €800 million

Several former executives will have to contribute to the bill after thousands of small investors lost money when investing in the bank

‘Forensic study’ claims €15 million wrongly handed to Caja Madrid top dogs

Irregular pay rises and bonuses emerge in damning new report

Bank chairmen ordered to pay millions of euros following ‘magic’ card expenses scandal

Former chairman of Caja Madrid and Bankia ordered to pay €19 million by today or face their assets being seized in the wake of Spain's expenses scandal

Spanish politicians and bankers targeted by expenses scandal investigations

Dozens of politicians, bankers and financial advisers embroiled in expenses scandal as Caja Madrid and Bankia come under investigation

Bankia officials face fraud probe in Spain

Former chairman Rodrigo Rato among 33 executives accused of price-fixing and falsifying accounts

Spain nationalises fourth-largest bank

Government will convert €4.5 billion of Bankia loans into shares in group's parent company in effort to calm investor fears





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