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REVEALED: Spain’s top five most unhealthy ice creams ranked just in time for summer

HEALTH RISK?: The OCU ranks some of our favourites in a list of the most unhealthy ice creams in Spain

Spain’s parents SLAM school dinners as 94% say canteens ‘need improvement’ amid obesity epidemic

The findings will make tough reading for schools, as just 24% of parents said that school dinners came with information about the ingredients used

Spain doctor’s warning over hidden dangers in Christmas treats

And surprisingly, that cosy cup of hot chocolate is one of the worst culprits

A nutty yule recipe for Ms. Walewska cake – A.K.A. ‘The Tasty’

Walnuts are the perfect winter ingredient… and can be used to make a cracking cake too

Honey sales are going up

Honey sales are going up as people use it to substitute sugar

Axarquia’s historic sugar industry could be about to be reborn

Pilot project to grow natural sweetener stevia

Stevia wonder!

Stevia, a new alternative to sugar, is breathing life into Axarquia.

Very Moorish!

The best of Spanish food has a big dash of Morocco, discovers Wendy Williams, with the Moors introducing everything from rice to oranges and sugar to artichokes

Mantecado – a Spanish Christmas treat

One of the many traditional Christmas goodies in Spain is the mantecado, a type of shortbread biscuit