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Rissaga: What you need to know about the meteotsunami warning issued in Spain’s Balearic Islands 

SPAIN’S weather agency has activated an alert in the Balearic Islands for a weather phenomenon known as ‘rissaga’ which causes sudden wave swells of...

WATCH: Beach chaos after ‘mini tsunami’ surprises bathers in Cadiz, southwestern Spain

AN unusually fast and high tide sparked chaos at a crowded beach in Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz province of Andalucia, on Saturday when...

What you need to know about Spain’s plans for an Emergency Warning System with mobile phone alerts

WITHIN the last two years alone, Spain has been hit by the biggest snowfall in living memory (Storm Filomena), a volcanic eruption (La Palma),...

WATCH: Tsunami of lava flows from La Palma volcano destroying more homes, a football pitch and supermarket

THE volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma continues to erupt with more force than ever, spewing a great wave of lava on...

ANALYSIS: Could eruption of La Palma volcano in Spain’s Canary Islands trigger a tsunami?

The eruption of a voclano on the Canary Island of La Palma resurrects the "mega-tsunami" theory, but is it possible? Rob Kiteley takes a...

Spain’s Andalucia to put in motion ‘Drill Response 21’ a catastrophe simulation of three major emergency situations—tsunami, earthquake and...

THE Junta has announced that it is preparing a catastrophe simulation to take place in October of three major emergency situations—tsunami, earthquake and floods. The...

Experts warn of new tsunami formation process which could generate six metre waves off the coast of Spain’s Andalucia

LARGE parts of the coast of Andalucia and northern Morocco could be hit by waves of up to six metres from a large tsunami,...

Expert says southern Spain and Balearics at ‘great risk’ of tsunamis but authorities ‘are not prepared’

Southern Spain and the eastern Mediterranean (the Balearics), have frequent seismic activity which make them prone to suffer tsunamis

WATCH: Mini-tsunami hits Spanish resorts in Mallorca and Menorca flooding roads and beach bars

A WAVE measuring five feet tall has hit tourist beaches at Ciutadella on the west coast of Menorca early Monday morning, less than 40...

MONSTER WAVE: Tsunami fears in Spain as HUGE active volcano experiences 40 quakes in 48 hours

RESIDENTS on the Canary islands are fearing a volcanic eruption after the Spanish archipelago was hit by more than 40 earthquake tremors in just 48...

Double tsunami threat for Costa del Sol as experts warn of future earthquake off north-east of Morocco

The monster wave would be caused by a quake striking the Alboran sea,

Devastating tsunami will hit southern Spain and Portugal, experts warn

The Gulf of Cadiz sits on a major plate boundary posing a huge risk to coastal areas

Tsunami would wipe out New York, Miami and hit England if landslide takes place in Spain, researcher claims

Researcher Dr Simon Day has predicted waves of up to 25 metres if there is a landslide in the Canary Islands




Hair salon of horror: Sheep placenta and cancer-causing cosmetics are discovered by police in Spain during raids on beauty...

A SERIES of hair salons were discovered to be using banned cosmetics made from sheep placenta and other cancer-causing products. Police inspections of the salons...


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