Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Marbella Mansions get chance to shine

The latest TV show showcases the area's most extraordinary and extravagant properties

Satellite internet takes flight in Spain

Launched in 2011, satellite internet has dramatically reduced in cost and improved in quality

Revisiting Spain’s sunshine soaps

Mason Jones looks at the British TV shows that have helped to put Spain on the map

Couch potatoes found to have bigger waistlines

A report has shown the link between a child's health and their TV intake

Spanish TV channel fined for false photos

Antena 3 has been charged for airing fake pictures about Morocco that were intended as a political ploy

Convicts in Spain enjoy their share of the showbiz cake

Congress threw out a ban to stop television stations from paying convicts to talk about their crimes on-screen

Ban to stop convicts in Spain getting money for TV appearances has been rejected

Congress threw out proposal citing freedom of expression

TV village

THE first episode of a new TV series focusing on the lives of locals is being filmed in Frigiliana. It will be aired on...

Spanish bullfighting is off the box

State broadcaster RTVE will stop showing bullfights

Driven barking mad

Spain still clings onto second place in world's noisiest country awards thanks to its over-zealous dogs

TV appeal dad jailed

Father jailed for sexually abusing daughter after successful reunion