17 Feb, 2013 @ 13:00
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YouTube to have own TV channel after Google deal

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By Kathryn Richardson

YOUTUBE will now have its own TV channel after Google signed a deal with Freesat.

Customers of the BBC and ITV-backed satellite television operator will be able to access YouTube on their main programming guide by the end of March.

Viewers previously had to link up their TV sets to the internet or watch YouTube on a computer.

YouTube launched 60 broadcast-style channels featuring programmes such as BBC Worldwide, and Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One, last year.

The deal will boost the company who offer other types of content than just the traditional channels.

Freesat’s managing director, Emma Scott, said viewers want to see alternative content on their screens alongside programmes that are already offered by broadcast television companies.

Freesat launched in 2008, offering customers a free service, once they buy the required set-top box.

There are now more than 3m devices in 1.7m UK households.


  1. Yeah, but you’ll still need the internet to watch it in Spain. Freesat will only be visible in the U.K. footprint. How good is the Spanish broadband infrastructure ? Can it cope ?

  2. Well actually it is, with the launch of the new Ku Satellite it is now possible to get 20Mb broadband anywhere in Spain

    There are many options available for expats living in Spain to keep them watching UK freeview (catchup services / iPTV)

    There are cheap options and expensive options each have there advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line is though it will cost something if you want to keep watching BBC etc.

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