AVE link to all cities by 2013

LAST UPDATED: 28 Jun, 2009 @ 17:04
AVE link to all cities by 2013

THE AVE will soon be flying through Andalucia’s regional capitals – despite a few glitches.

A third of the work has been completed linking Malaga to both Sevilla and Granada, with a fully-operational system targeted for 2013.

A track linking Antequera and Algeciras, via Ronda, is also scheduled but a definite completion date has not yet been set.

With a top speed of 250 kilometres an hour, it will take 55 minutes to travel from Malaga to Sevilla, and just 50 minutes between Malaga and Granada.

The majority of the work on the lines to Sevilla has already been completed, but the track linking Granada has proved to be more problematic.

Called the Loja link, it had to be re-designed due to underground water being discovered along the route.

But Rosa Aguilar, the new delegate for Public Works and Transport, pledged that the work linking the regional capitals will be completed by 2013.

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