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Two charged with murder of balcony fall dad

La Estrella pub in Competa

TWO people have been charged with the murder of the British man who was hurled 25ft from his holiday home balcony.

The pair have been remanded in custody facing the charges of the death of Stephen Mallon, a fortnight ago.

A further 11 suspects between 20 and 25 years old have so far been arrested over the death.

La Estrella pub in Competa
La Estrella pub in Competa

Mallon, 49, was killed defending his twin sons after they were threatened by an angry mob of 30 males outside La Estrella pub in Competa, Axarquia.

He was bombarded by bottles, broken glass and flower pots before being surrounded by the baying crowd and thrown over the top.

He was left fighting for his life in a coma at the Carlos Haya Hospital in Malaga, after suffering serious head injuries.

The twins were also injured in the affray, one receiving a broken nose while the other suffered a broken arm, but were discharged from hospital after treatment.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We can confirm the death of a British national in Malaga on June 16 and we are providing consular assistance to his family.

“We know he was hospitalised following an assault in Competa on June 5.

“We understand a number of people have been detained following the attack.”

According to sources, a critical delay in getting unconscious Mr Mallon to hospital was caused when the ambulance crew were threatened by locals and had to wait for police back up.

The clash took place outside La Estrella pub at 4am last Saturday between seven Brits and more than 20 local men, women and youths.

Mr Mallon had been out celebrating a British friend’s birthday when the trouble kicked off.

One family member said: “They were set upon by a gang of 30 men because they were English.

“They were hit with coshes, bottles, terracotta flowerpots and iron bars. Steve was thrown from the balcony.” Villagers who witnessed the attack reported people being hit with bottles, glasses and parasols.

The Guardia Civil police carried out the initial investigation, but the matter has now been passed to the Judical Police in Malaga because of its seriousness.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said they were in contact with Mr Mallon’s next of kin.

He said: ‘He is still hospitalised, it would appear with serious injuries.

‘A number of people have been detained following the incident. Two other British nationals were also involved.

‘Our role has been liaising with the family and providing assistance in a consular capacity.’

Mr Mallon had been visiting the village with his family to stay at their holiday home for the last six years.


  1. Good sound Police work. I know there ARE TWO sides to every story and we haven’t yet heard ANYTHING in defence of the alleged perpetrators but if they are responsible I only hope the scum that did this get their deserts!

  2. They generally are brought up to be Mamas Boy, meaning they are afraid when Mama isn’t around to help – then they team up ten to one and start using bottles and such, its all fear of getting hurt really !! They take on their wives one on one though …… I just hope they don’t get of the hook bringing Mami to court who then explains to the judge/jury that her boy is such a saint (which will happen guaranteed)

  3. It’s true that a lot of Spanish men are totally spoiled by their mothers and when they grow up are not really capable of functioning on their own. They also tend to stay at home until they get married – or for ever if they don’t. No need to take any real resonsiblity for anything that way. And it is also true that Spanih mothers are utterly incapable of seeing that their sons are capable of doing wrong.

    Plus, you can rest assured that in this case the sentences will be light, if anyone is actually convicted. The judge will consider the murdered man and his sons as British hooligans. That’s the way it works in Spain. It is always someone elses fault. British hooligans, Romanian theives, Latin-American gangs, Evil Moroccans……………

  4. I understand this case in the courts now (Feb 2011). It took almost 2 years to get some of the gang of 30 in front of a judge. Now I understand they are going light on them! What’s up with that! Bottom line they threw a man (a father of 3) from a balcony 25ft to his death. Someone needs to be held accountable.If the Spanish courts are tough on gangs like this the tourist will come back because their streets will be safer.Can’t they see that? Spain is definitely off my “places to go” list. This whole thing disgusts me!

  5. I am glad there was no mntion of his “loving wife in your report, unlike all the others. Just to let all your readers know that she had walked out of the family home 4 months earlier and was filing for divorce.

  6. Its interesting to read such a nasty and vicious comment from someone who had not seen or spoken to Steve or his family for more than 2 decades…through choice. I think that perhaps the moderators should consider taking off such a pointless and hurtful comment to a devastated family.

  7. Having just read the article published November 2012. I have lived in Competa for many years and always found it a very peaceful safe village to live being a single woman on my own. The spanish being very friendly and helpful.

    Of course there are always TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY, and we hear only one side by the individual that wrote the said article in the Daily Mail November 2012.

    As far the spanish medical system I have nothing but praise for and find the care second to none compared to the NHS.

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