28 Jun, 2009 @ 13:12
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On me ‘ead minotaur

Xerez Primera

THEY have painted the town blue in Jerez after the town’s football team got promoted to the Spanish first division.

Numerous companies painted their buildings light blue and white – the team’s colour – while the town hall got into the spirit with a special kit for Jerez’s famous minotaur statue.

They were joined by Zaragoza and Tenerife in the world’s second most lucrative league.

Celebrations went on all weekend after the team clinched promotion on June 14.



  1. oh…….beautiful Xerez…..they are out in the streets to celebrate the ascension of their football team, while unemployment is at 30% and with no relief in sight…. Sports….but isn’t this what the emperors of ancient Rome used to do to keep the masses happy and keep their minds off all their problems???

  2. spain is a laid back country. they still don’t understand what a economy is. If US and UK are the only hard working countries in the world, what do you expect of spain. They are like south american countries, yet they have advanced in many areas. Biotech. windmills, desalination plants, many done in the basque & Catalan territories. Gallicia is doing well too. Relax your in the south of spain where hand claping is what they cousider work. That is why when the resession hits they get hit the hardest. Go to Bilbao, almost everyone is working. The Basque should be very happy with the English help they got in the past. Without it, it would be like any other part of spain.

  3. The national sport is not soccor, it’s envy keep that in mind. It’s in our Jewish/Muslim blood. That’s why spaniards are more proned to ripping someone off. I remember someone trying to pickpocket me in mallorca while I was watching the spectacular MiraMar show. The guy was from the south of spain and was around 80 years old. I took my wallet and moved it to the front of my pants. Why get mad, just la caxia ripped me off 200 euro or more recently. everyone is out to get you in spain. Im not going on vacation for a very long time, I will go to croacia directly or turkey. If someone robs me I will pay myself back one way or another.

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