Marta del Castillo killed for rejecting a kiss

LAST UPDATED: 4 Nov, 2010 @ 10:33
Marta del Castillo killed for rejecting a kiss

THE ex-boyfriend of missing teenager Marta del Castillo has been accused of murdering her after she refused to kiss him.

This is the theory of the judge who has charged Miguel Carcano, 20, with murder and two counts of rape.

Meanwhile, three others are accused of collaborating in her death and disappearance.

A minor, nicknamed El Cuco, is also charged with partaking in the assault and will face a juvenile court trial.

Carcano allegedly tried to kiss Castillo at his brother’s flat, but when she rejected his advances, he instigated the rape ordeal with his friends.

She was reportedly threatened with a knife throughout the assault before being strangled with an extension cord.

Castillo, then 17, vanished on January 24 2009 and judge Francisco de Asis Molina described the case as “extraordinary”.

He has now concluded the case and declared it ready for trial.


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