Friday, November 27, 2020
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Marta del Castillo’s killer implicates brother in Sevilla murder

Miguel Carcaño directly involves his brother, Francisco Javier Delgado, in the alleged murder and disappearance of the young woman's body

Lawyer accused of failing to reveal ‘exact’ location of missing girl’s body

A lawyer has been accused of covering up the whereabouts of the body of missing Marta del Castillo

Marta killer gets 20 years

But family of murdered teen call for three other suspects to be retried

Marta del Castillo murder trial underway in Sevilla

Miguel Carcaño Delgado claims he hit her with an ashtray

Please bring my children back!

Mother's emotional plea after protesters march for safety of her missing children

Killer’s suicide attempt came after he implicated friend in murder of Spanish teen

The self-confessed killer of Sevilla teenager Marta del Castillo tried to end his life after implicating his friend 'El Cuco' in her death

Marta del Castillo killed for rejecting a kiss

Ex-boyfriend of missing teenager accused of murdering her after she refused to kiss him