Sad trip for the hurricane

LAST UPDATED: 7 Nov, 2010 @ 23:38
Sad trip for the hurricane

FRAIL snooker legend Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins has been refused life-saving treatment by a Marbella clinic.

The 61-year-old champion was declared too weak to undergo surgery for new teeth after failing medical tests on the Costa del Sol.

Higgins – who lost his teeth after intensive radiotherapy to treat throat cancer – is dangerously thin.

Following the disappointment, former bad boy Higgins was spotted drinking rum and chain-smoking in Cabopino, where he was staying at a friend’s house.

An onlooker said: “The whole week I barely saw him eat a morsel of food.

“He was quite rude and insulting to people who tried to help him. It’s sad.”

His diet consists of mashed food and the surgery was seen as a crucial step forward in Higgins’ recovery.

Higgins won two world snooker titles.


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