LAST UPDATED: 22 May, 2011 @ 20:00

PASSING through a security scanner at Luton Airport, 74-year-old Pat Palmer carefully removed her belt and metallic objects.

What the elderly widow forgot to hand in on her trip home to Menorca was a metal axe she took to chop firewood.

The hapless security staff were busy checking nail clippers and baby food and failed to notice the sharp weapon, which arrived safely to its destination.

“It wasn’t even hidden, I’d thrown it in the bottom of the bag,” said Pat.


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  1. Aircraft are not hikacked by old aged pensioners, no matter what they are carrying. Nor by normal people with nail clippers and baby food. They are hijacked by young muslem men, and the available strength of all the agencies concerned should be focussed on the instant threat, rather than pretending that everyone is a risk.