Gunman kills four in Girona

LAST UPDATED: 16 Dec, 2010 @ 11:11
Gunman kills four in Girona

By Amie Keeley

A 57-year-old man been arrested for shooting dead four people in Olot, northeastern Spain.

Police say the gunman, identified as Pedro PP, shot a father and his son in a bar then went to a bank and shot two members of staff.

Officers were called at around 10am this morning after the first shootings took place.

The killer’s motives are still unknown but Olot’s Mayor Lluis Sacrest said money issues may have been behind the attacks.

It is thought the first two victims were from a construction company that subcontracted the suspect’s firm and owed him money.

The bank where the second shootings took place had reportedly seized his home after unpaid debts.


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