Debauched Malaga professor to spend a year in prison

LAST UPDATED: 9 Dec, 2011 @ 12:42
Debauched Malaga professor to spend a year in prison

A MALAGA professor has been sentenced to a year in prison after telling a student she would only pass if she had sex with him.

The pupil, who had failed the last exam of her teaching degree, had gone to see her teacher because she was worried about her situation.

The professor assured her he would ‘find a solution’ and asked for the pupil’s phone number.

He later phoned her and told her to come to his house at 7.30 in the evening.

When she arrived he locked the door and said that in order to pass she would have to have to have sex with him and when she tried to leave, he started trying to touch her breasts.

Thankfully the girl had brought back-up after growing suspicious about the private meeting.

Her sister, brother-in-law and a friend heard her shouting and started banging on the door – at which point her professor let her go.

The pupil was admitted to Carlos Haya hospital the following day with anxiety.

The professor, who has also been ordered to pay his pupil 2,000 euros in compensation, was sentenced to a year’s imprisonment at the Provincial Court.


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