Bullfighter faces prison for crash

LAST UPDATED: 11 Jan, 2012 @ 09:46
Bullfighter faces prison for crash

BULLFIGHTER Jose Ortega Cano faces four years behind bars for involuntary manslaughter.

It comes after he crashed his car while drunk, killing another driver Carlos Parra.

In addition Ortega could have his license withdrawn for six years and the prosecution is calling for 170,000 euros compensation for the victim’s family.

According to the prosecutor Ortega was travelling ‘at a speed of 125km/h on a road where the speed limit is 90 km/h and had a blood alcohol level of 1.26g’ when he crashed near Sevilla.


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  1. Jose Ortega Cano is a respectable decent man and this could have happened to anyone the law demanding the huge sum of money is disgracefull and all this money wont bring the dead man back, Parra was destined to die that was his Karma and was Gods will