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WATCH: One-eyed matador in Spain scalped during brutal bullfight (WARNING: Distressing footage)

Despite the gruesome attack the matador is set to to perform one last bullfight

Fran Rivera investigated for fighting bull with baby daughter in his arms

A photo shows Fran Rivera, 42, and his baby daughter, Carmen, alongside large wounded bull

Malaga neuroscientist finds similarities between bullfighters and ‘aliens’

Scientist demonstrates his theory through paintings showing the ‘chemical differences’ in the brain of a bullfighter

‘The Pirate’ comes unstuck yet again in Spain

Bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla has had another close shave - this time with the law

Spanish singing star faces the music

Isabel Pantoja pleaded guilty to laundering nearly €2 million in the Malaya case

Bullfighter faces prison for crash

Jose Ortega Cano faces four years behind bars for involuntary manslaughter

Spanish bullfighter down, but not out

Blinded in one eye and with a crushed cheekbone... but Juan Jose Padilla vows to fight on

Leaked police report claims Spanish bullfighter was over the drink drive limit when he crashed

DIA accidents victims association now calling for a four year prison sentence for José Ortega Cano

David Beckham of Bullfighting makes triumphant (and lucrative) return in Valencia

Jose Tomas gets paid 150,000 euros per bull (30 per cent more than any other fighter)... and even gets tossed as part of the fun

Ole! Female bullfighter Mari Paz Vega fights to return to Malaga

Discrimination must not keep Mari Paz Vega off bill for Malaga feria, insist regional chiefs

Renowned Spanish bullfighter in intensive care

Jose Tomas suffers six-inch deep wound during gory fight in Mexico

Ole! Pink Torero sponsors ‘gay’ drink

Gay bullfighter makes traditionalists see red