SPAIN’S most popular female singer has struck a plea bargain to avoid going to jail.

Isabel Pantoja – who has sold more than four million albums in a career spanning almost four decades – has pleaded guilty to laundering €1.84 million in the Malaya case.

The flamboyant songstress became embroiled in the scandal due to her relationship with former Marbella mayor Julian Munoz.

Pantoja – who was married to famous bullfighter Paquirri, father of Fran and Cayetano Rivera – was facing three years behind bars and a €3.68 million fine.

But thanks to a deal with the Prosecutor’s Office she will now accept a €1.5 million fine and a two-year suspended sentence.

However the deal threatens to make life even more difficult for Munoz, who had previously spoken of the singer’s innocence.

The former mayor, and his ex wife Maite Zaldiver, will face the court next month.

The trial, which has already been going on for over a year, is likely to continue for many more months.


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