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World News March 22, 2022

Spanish showbiz royalty Isabel Pantoja cleared by a Malaga court in latest trial

SPANISH singer and convicted money launderer Isabel Pantoja has been cleared at her latest trial. A Malaga court has found her not guilty in a...

Marbella seize huge estates worth €6.5 million from disgraced Malaya town planner Roca

One of the properties, the 30 acre Finca Siete Colchones, could now become a sports complex for local residents
High court

Ten corruption scandals bubbling under in Andalucia

Power-hungry politicians and greedy businessmen tragically still rule in Spain, the country known as the ‘land of the kickback’. With new cases of corruption emerging almost weekly, Rob Horgan investigates ten scandals bubbling under in Andalucia

Malaya trial reopens in Madrid

Andalucia’s biggest ever trial reopens again in Madrid

Spain’s Supreme Court to hear appeals for Marbella’s Malaya Case

The €2.4 billion fraud scandal saw Andalucia's largest ever trial - so a big new court had to be built for the hearing

Malaya hearing closes after 22 months

Spain's largest ever corruption case will reach verdicts in eight months' time

Spanish singing star faces the music

Isabel Pantoja pleaded guilty to laundering nearly €2 million in the Malaya case

Roca ‘n’ roll in Madrid

The 28 million euro palace that might get crook Juan Antonio Roca out of jail

Malaya suspect lives it up in Java

Javier Lendinez vanished, having allegedly collected 18,000 euros from Juan Antonio Roca

Cries, lies and wriggles for Malaya developer trio

Businessmen trio respond to bribery claims in Malaya corruption trial

Sad Sadokan on trial in Malaya case

Rafael 'Sadokan' Gomez burst into tears during his hearing

Roca finca to pay off social security debt

Marbella Mayor has proposed offering an estate seized from Juan Antonio Roca as collateral towards debt

Roca estate goes to the state

Disgraced town planner parts with his 15 million euro estate to pay debts to the authorities

Bond bombshell for Connery

Actor Sean Connery and other suspects in the 'Goldfinger' case have been asked to pay a 60 million euro bond by a Marbella judge

Did Junta ignore Marbella corruption?

Roca insists regional government “knew” of his activities

Police report brings to light extent of Marbella corruption

As the investigation into town planning corruption comes to an end, the Olive Press untangles the web of corruption woven by Juan Antonio Roca




Illegal taxi boat service shipping migrants and drugs worth €3 million is busted on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE GUARDIA CIVIL has busted a 'taxi-boat' gang that shipped over a total 68 kilos of drugs worth over €3 million to Algeria and...


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