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ROCA FELLA: Juan Antonio Roca was behind one of Spain’s biggest ever corruption rings

AUTHORITIES in Marbella have seized two fincas worth €6.5 million from Juan Antonio Roca, mastermind behind the historic Malaya corruption case.

Marbella council got permission to take over the large properties in compensation for the money Roca embezzled.

The rural estates were originally seized by the courts but were signed over to the mayor of Marbella after no buyers were found.

One of the properties, the 30 acre Finca Siete Colchones, could now become a sports complex for local residents.

Luxury items including antique carriages, paintings and bullfighting memorabilia have also been put up for public auction.

LOOT: Luxury items owned by Roca are put up for public auction.

Roca has been recently let out of jail on parole having served more than three quarters of his sentence.

The mayor of Marbella said: “Marbella has recovered part of what was looted and, for me as mayor, it’s very rewarding after years fighting for it.”

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