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Marbella seize huge estates worth €6.5 million from disgraced Malaya town planner Roca

One of the properties, the 30 acre Finca Siete Colchones, could now become a sports complex for local residents

ROCA’S OUT: Mastermind behind historic Malaya corruption case in Marbella FREED on early release

Roca and his string of accomplices were accused of accepting bribes in exchange for building licences from a string of real estate promoters

Disgraced Marbella Mayor could face further eight years in jail in upcoming corruption case

The prosecution has requested the prison sentence for former Marbella chief Julián Muñoz and his planning advisor Juan Antonio Roca, who are both due in court again from January 30

Imprisoned Marbella officials back in court to face fresh corruption charges

The prosecutor wants the pair to face 10 years more each

Imprisoned Marbella officials back in court to face fresh corruption charges

Julián Muñoz, ex-mayor, and Juan Antonio Roca,the former town planning advisor, are being investigated at the Primera de la Audiencia in Malaga over alleged accounting irregularities while in power

Ill-gotten gains of Marbella’s disgraced town planning advisor go under the hammer

Roca was convicted of being the ringleader of the Malaya Plot, which saw 53 officials across dozens of Andalusian municipalities tried for embezzlement of public funds, breaches of trust, influence peddling and more

International arrest warrant issued for convicted Malaya businessman

Andres Lietor was condemned to four and a half years in prison for paying bribes to Marbella planning svengali Juan Antonio Roca

Olive Press article on corrupt judge wiped from Google searches due to Data Protection request

The article about a corrupt Marbella judge has been removed from searches following a data protection ruling from the European Court of Human Rights

Spain’s Supreme Court to hear appeals for Marbella’s Malaya Case

The €2.4 billion fraud scandal saw Andalucia's largest ever trial - so a big new court had to be built for the hearing

Roca ‘n’ roll in Madrid

The 28 million euro palace that might get crook Juan Antonio Roca out of jail

Malaya suspect lives it up in Java

Javier Lendinez vanished, having allegedly collected 18,000 euros from Juan Antonio Roca

‘I paid Roca three million euros for occupancy licences’ claims builder in Malaya case

Fidel San Roman makes shocking confession to the court and insists he was the victim of blackmail

Cries, lies and wriggles for Malaya developer trio

Businessmen trio respond to bribery claims in Malaya corruption trial

Sad Sadokan on trial in Malaya case

Rafael 'Sadokan' Gomez burst into tears during his hearing

No Spanish artful dodger

Art dealer insists he did not launder money for Juan Antonio Roca

The ‘Lady of Marbella’ gets her day in court

Company manager denies knowledge of Juan Antonio Roca's fraudulent activity
malagacourt malaya trial

Unravelling Roca’s web of shame

A string of former mayors, a celebrity singer and James Bond actor Sean Connery. They all got spun into the Malaya corruption trial. The Olive Press’ potted guide to Europe’s biggest ever corruption trial

Supertrial to see 93 people and two mayors in dock

The Malaya case is finally coming to court next week

Under the hammer

Marbella svengali Roca finds his art collection and car fleet put up for auction

Police report brings to light extent of Marbella corruption

As the investigation into town planning corruption comes to an end, the Olive Press untangles the web of corruption woven by Juan Antonio Roca




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