By Nicola Cowell

MALAGA court has started to sell off the 15 cars and extensive art collection amassed by Juan Antonio Roca through illegal property dealings.

Seven of his 15 cars have already been sold at auction, raising 400,000 euros to help pay off his 8.3million euros of debt.

The most expensive, a Gull Wing Mercedes, went for 200,000 euros.

The disgraced ex-Marbella planning boss will face trial in September in the so-called Operation Malaya case, in which he is said to have amassed 200 million euros in planning deals.

When arrested in 2006, police found millions of euros in cash, throroughbred horses and even a tiger at his numerous homes.

His art collection, which is worth approximately 27million euros, is to be auctioned off by Sotheby’s this Autumn.

A helicopter is expected to fetch 850,000 euros.

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  1. 15 Classic cars for 400K euros, including a Mercedes Gull Wing coupe sold for 200K euros…”someone” needs a better auctioneer!
    While this Malaya case drags on til we’re all dead and buried (then the public forgets the Millions of euros illegally taken like with Gil) why not do what the US and UK do: a) have a reputable accounting firm do forensic accounting to identify Roca’s assets and document his lifestyle then b)in Court ask him to document where the money came from to afford these? He’s already admitted Tax Evasion in buying winning Lottery Tickets to “avoid taxes on money he had”…earned where and when did he declare & pay taxes to Spain on that money.. but he still admitted the act was to evade taxes. A Crime no?

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