A BUSINESSMAN on trial in the Malaya corruption burst into tears during his hearing.

Twice Rafael ‘Sadokan’ Gomez broke down and was unable to continue, prompting the judge to order a five-minute break to enable the property developer to calm down.

Property developer and politician Gomez is accused of paying bribes to Juan Antonio Roca, the man at the centre of the Malaya case, in order to build a business on the Costa del Sol.

“I tried to do things right and not to harm anyone,” Gomez argued. “We businessmen are honest people who every day risk our money trying to create jobs.”

He denied paying bribes totalling over 600,000 euros to Juan Antonio Roca.

Gomez will be back in court on Monday to face further questioning.

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  1. From my understanding of this entire debarcle if you wanted to work , build or run a business in Marbella you either paid Roca or you went elsewhere … time the court work up to the fact Marbella was a mafia nothing else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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