THEY cried, they lied and they wriggled.

A trio of businessmen have given their accounts of claims that they paid bribes for licences in the Malaya corruption trial.

Infamous Cordoba developer Rafael ‘Sadokan’ Gomez actually burst into tears during questioning, prompting the judge to order a five-minute break so he could calm down.

Meanwhile Aifos boss Jesus Ruiz Casado initially categorically denied that he or his company paid money to Marbella svengali Juan Antonio Roca to secure licenses.

But later he changed his mind, confirming that yes, Aifos had in fact paid the former planning boss.

Finally Murcia developer Tomas Olivo swore blind that despite a long-standing friendship with Roca, this did not make him a criminal.

He claimed that thousands of euros in payments found bearing his name on Roca’s paperwork had been made to settle an outstanding debt.

The trial continues.


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