25 Apr, 2012 @ 09:14
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Malaya suspect lives it up in Java

AN ex-councillor who faces prison in the ongoing Malaya corruption trial has been spotted in Indonesia four years after going on the run.

Javier Lendinez, who allegedly collected 18,000 euros from Juan Antonio Roca, vanished in December 2008 when he should have started a nine month prison sentence for real estate irregularities.

There had been no word until newspaper La Opinion de Malaga received a ‘recent’ photo of him supposedly in a restaurant on the island of Java.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. As a South African and Barcelona supporter, I want comfort the humble and admirable Barcelona soccer team with the following 2 truths.
    .1 Page out of Barcelona’s Book.
    Evey team should (and Chelsea definitely did) do what Barce’s coach and plyers have been doing, put Barcelona first and egos last. In short, have a united team who puts the team’s interest first when they go onto the field. Everyone’s copying that from Barce now because they saw that egos and division in teams will bring them nowhere. Thanks for teaching your opposition that lesson, Barcelona. You made them step up their games so thst we can whitness brilliant soccer,not arrogance. A sacrifice, but worth it.
    2. God’s Seasons
    I know most Spanish are God-fearing people
    and God loves them too because He sees their hearts. But there is a season for everything, to win, to lose etc. God has a bigger plan into which human beings fit
    and right at this moment in time,He has changed His stategy as part of His big plan. What Barcelona has to do now is focus on defending their World Cup title as they are allowed another go at it.

    Just remember, just like now, every team is going to come at Barcelona with whatever they have. So even if Barcelona scores 5 goals and the other team nothing, they cannot let their guard down, not even for a split second. It would also be wise for them to diversify their style in order to adapt it to serve them in different situations, like being able to play wide or being narrowed in, being able to counter their opponents’ strategies, etc. They must always make sure that there is a suprise element in every match so that they do not become predictable. Having a plan B and C when players like Messi, etc. are targeted by the opposition. They played very well as usual, but it was not meant to be.

    I’m teaching at a high school where the boys who support Barcelona are very sad but they found some comfort in the fact that it was Torres that scored the last goal for Chelsea. Bittersweet.

    We wish Barcelona all the best and keep our thumbs up for their World Cup victory in 2014.

  2. Oh Please living it up on 18.000 euros !!!
    thats a good weekend on the port !

    FYI you dont go to jail in spain if your sentence is 2 years or less ….
    An inflammatory article with limited basis in fact….

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