WHILE times might be hard for expat parents in Spain they can at least be grateful they are saving on child care costs.

Figures show that the UK has the highest childcare costs in in the world, with the exception of Switzerland.

The report by think tank CentreForum, shows that British parents pay almost twice the international average making it beyond the reach of many middle class families.

The total cost of child care amounts to 26.6 per cent of a family’s income and a staggering 41 per cent of the average UK wage.

In contrast, Spanish child care costs make up just 4.7 per cent of family income, well below the OECD average of 11.8 per cent.


  1. What the report does not focus on is the quality of that care. Is cheaper better? That is the main issue, and an issue which is not covered in the report. Most people would agree that you get what you pay for, and childcare is no different I’d guess. You can only compare prices when comparing the quality and level of the same service, otherwise the report is meaningless.

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