SPAIN’S Socialist party is calling for the Catholic Church to pay property tax on any buildings not used for worship.

It comes after it emerged the church is avoiding paying the so called IBI tax on its buildings due to a royal decree from the 1970s.

“If all citizens are making an effort, why not the church?” asked Oscar Lopez, secretary of PSOE.

However Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has opposed the scheme saying it is ‘irresponsible’ to change the law.

He added the church plays ‘a very important social function’.


  1. wow, taking on the church, in spain!! They must have a death wish. But i suppose the socialists and the church have always had a love-hate relationship.
    HAve you heard this government has increased the amount of religeous classes hours in schools. yeah that’ll help the economy. At the same time the the ‘alternative’ classes for those opting out (of relig class) have a new list of ‘banned’ subjects. including anti-zenophobia.
    what is world coming to?

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