HE is already taking grave risks in his day to day career.

Now Spain’s only gay matador is risking the wrath of the sport’s traditionally conservative fanbase.

As if it was not enough sporting a pink cape and bringing the traditional macho reputation of his profession into question.

Now Joselito Ortega has made history by signing a three year deal to advertise an energy drink called Gay Up.

The Malaga bullfighter is to advertise the drink popular on the gay club scene, on the back of his magenta cape.

Unsurprisingly, Ortega’s radical break from tradition has already drawn fierce criticism from the normally reserved bullfighting world.

Critics insist that it has violated one of the most sacred rules of the ring.

“It is like prostituting the cape,” remarked Juan Belmonte, a bullfighting critic for Canal Sur.

However, Ortega – who began fighting in 2006 – has defended the landmark decision.

“It is like prostituting the cape.”

“I am a bullfighter. That is not going to change,” he said.

“I am going to go out into the ring as I have done until now, to risk my life.”

Having been gored six times in his short career so far, Ortega clearly has no fears about the effect his revolutionary decision will have on the career he loves.

“It is a matter of changing what is normal, or usual, within this world that seems so untouchable,” he added.

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  1. first of, this guy is spain only ‘openly’ gay matador. willing to bet a few are in the closet.

    next, i would have thought the decision to advertise on the cape would not be allowed by which ever associaiton is incharge.

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