ELEVEN roads are closed in Almeria, Cadiz and Granada due to snow.

In Almeria seven roads have had to close, including the AL-5402 through Bayarcal, the A-1178 at Serono, the AL-5100 at Tahal, the AL-3404 at Abla, the AL-6105 at Charcos Nuevo, the railway station on the AL-5405 and the AL-5406 at Las Menas.

In Cadiz, the first 15 km of the CA-9104 – running through the Sierra de Grazalema – is closed.

In Granada, snowstorms have affected three roads. The A-395 to Sierra Nevada is closed between kilometres 32 and 39, the A-4025 is closed between kilometres 23 and 31 through the town of Guejar Sierra, and the A-337 is shut at La Ragua. Meanwhile the A-92 has been reopened to traffic at the peak of Puerto de la Mora.

Finally, traffic is affected by ice on the A-403 as it passes through the town of Alcala la Real in Jaen, particularly in the first three kilometres.