Reading murder

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Reading murder

‘AH a murder mystery – my favourite!’ I thought.

And sure enough, I found myself completely carried along by this story set in Varigo, a place I felt sure I knew – and with many familiar characters.

It was a trip into a fast-moving fantasy, yet it felt just like home.

And if you live in Spain or visit frequently, I’m sure you’ll get the same feeling.

It made me laugh, kept me entertained – and there’s nothing more satisfactory than seeing the Guardia Civil get their comeuppance!

It opens with the mayoress finding a severed head on her desk.

She tries to convince herself it’s something other than what it is.

But the dead man is easily recognisable as a well-known healer in the village. You can imagine how the Guardia set about things.

Finally, it’s the victim’s cousin who investigates.

As the plot moves forward we are given the back story, with plenty of surprises along the way. I can’t wait for volume two.

From Vanguard Press, available at,, Camac in Orgiva and 1616 Books in Salobrena.


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