Guerrero is jailed without bail

LAST UPDATED: 26 Mar, 2012 @ 00:26
Guerrero is jailed without bail

THE man behind the 1.3 million-euro ERE pensions scandal has been imprisoned on remand.

Francisco Guerrero, the former Andalucia Junta employment boss, has been in court since last Wednesday facing charges  relating to his part in the ‘reptile fund’ which made a total of 887 illegal payments.

And after 19 hours of questioning at Sevilla court – including an entire 60 minutes dedicated to reading out the charges against Guerrero – Judge Mercedes Alaya sent him to prison without bail.

Judge Alaya said Guerrero, who was denounced by his chauffeur, granted the 887 pensions ‘in collusion with others, all the while aware of his utter lack of competence, and omitting the legal procedure stridently and continuously’.

She added that a large number of the pensions had been paid out in order to benefit Guerrero’s own relatives and friends, and those of others with high-up positions in the Junta or the PSOE.

Guerrero, the first to be sent to prison in the ERE scandal, will stay there while all the evidence is checked, and his defence heard.


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