Olive Press prize-winners announced

LAST UPDATED: 2 Jun, 2012 @ 23:25
Olive Press prize-winners announced

CONGRATULATIONS to all those who won prizes in last issue’s competitions.

With the first entries coming in swiftly on the Wednesday of publication, readers raced to get their hands on the seventh edition of the Rough Guide to Andalucia or a Viabtor fuel-saving device.

The first three to win a Rough Guide were David Shaw, Karen MacDougall and Janet Stevens.

Meanwhile Martin Creed, Nicola Thornton and Kate Carroll were the first three to win Viabtor fuel-saving devices for their cars.

FYI, the answers were:  Viabtor: 1. Danger: Fighting Bulls 2. 26. – Rough Guide: 1. Kofi Annan 2. 9


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