Top tips for a spectacular Spanish garden

LAST UPDATED: 2 Aug, 2012 @ 17:12
Top tips for a spectacular Spanish garden

AS the summer continues we must take care not to neglect our watering.

Making sure the irrigation system is in perfect condition is the most important thing in midsummer – especially the lawn irrigation system as you have to water it daily.

And always remember the evening or at dawn are the best times.

We must also continue to monitor the occurrence of pests and diseases almost every day in summer as now is the time they are most likely to appear.

And if you have a pond now is also the best time to enjoy the many aquatic plants that thrive in the summer.

When it comes to planting, August is when you should sow turnips, radishes, carrots, borage, canons and move the chard and cauliflower seedlings sown in July, and the leeks and sprouts sown in the nursery in June.


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